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About HelpMeRank

The story behind the story

a passion for design and digital marketing helped us build a truly great SEO and Web Design company

In 2012, we started a small online store which accidentally became a business.  That catapulted us to doing the same for other clients.  We understand the journey of creating and marketing a website.  In particular, we concentrate on Search Engine Optimisation and WordPress website design.

Located in Cape Town, South Africa, we have an abundance of talented individuals who, to be honest, do not cost as much as in other developed countries.  It means we can do really excellent work at a very reasonable price (honestly speaking we’re often told we’re ‘too cheap’).  Being 10 000 kilometres away does not mean we are absent.  We are regularly in contact with our clients, irrespective of their location.  Even most of our local South African clients are not within 1000 kilometres from us.  Culturally, we are also very similar.  We have a Westernised culture with a strong British influence.  Our business language is English (the British English version).

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